Mural Unveiling


Lucky Wishbone Parking Lot, 2712 E. 22nd Street

Join us for this free, fun-filled family event with food, music, speakers, performance by the Tucson Arts Brigade Dance Theater Group, Latin Jazz by Trio CentrĂ¡l, and Ranchera and Bolleros by Serenata.

The Barrio Centro Mural is the first phase in a multi-year initiative utilizing arts based strategies to address complex social needs including civic participation, beautification, literacy and health. This year included mural design and technique workshops for youth and adults in addition to Elder Shares, field trips, financial literacy, youth stipends and Community Paint Days. This collaboration between Tucson Arts Brigade, neighbors, students, school administrators, parents, and business owners has been a huge success. Long time residents of Barrio Centro infused a sense of civic responsibility, stewardship and leadership by frequently visiting weekly youth workshops and engaging with students throughout the process. This relationship continues as we work together to Beautify and Unify our community.

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