Watershed Management Group Residential Site Tour

Sept 17, 2011

10 am – 4pm

Looking for inspiration and ideas as to how to green and beautify your home landscape without increasing your water bill? Watershed Management Group (WMG) is offering a self guided tour of residential rainwater harvesting systems. The tour will include examples of earthworks, greywater systems, and various types of cisterns and rainbarrels that capture rooftop run off for landscape and drinking water use. Tour attendies will be provided with a brochure which will contain maps, suggested bike and bus routes, as well as an overview of each site. Homeowners will be on hand to answer any questions that tour participants have.

Tour Costs are $5 for those taking the tour by bike or bus, or $10 per person if by car (sign in is required at each site).

To sign up please pay by credit or debit card at http://www.watershedmg.org/contribute and write hometour in the comments section or mail a check made to Watershed Management Group, P.O. Box 44205, Tucson, Arizona 85733. Checks should be received by Sept 10. Please leave an email address, so we can send your brochure electronically to save paper.

For more information call (520)396.3266 or email Co-op@watershedmg.org

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