Bean Tree Farm Workshops – Fall 2011

Here are Bean Tree Farm’s workshop listings for fall, 2011, plus a special solar energy class we’re excited to be hosting.  For more info and any questions, check out, or email beantreefarm(at)

October 8 ~ Earth Plasters, Paints and Pigments ~ 8am-12noon:
Art, mudslinging and a feast of harvested native foods and garden bounty

The morning will include:
~ harvesting and preparation of native clays (that are most likely right in your back yard);
~ natural additives for durability and workability (also likely in your back yard or kitchen);
~ a tour of existing plaster examples on Bean Tree Farm buildings, local plants used in plasters for their gels and fibers, and their importance in rewilding and regenerating urban landscapes for wildlife, beauty, green building and health;
~ several hands-on projects to explore and develop your skills, both on the wall (or board) and in the round;
~ and complete the workshop with a feast of delicious local food and drink.

November 5: Cob Building and Sculpting more mudslinging, cob building tricks and fall feast

December 3: Making Tinctures and Cold Season Teas – Hot tonics, warm food, good company
Bean Tree Farm workshop facilitators: Barbara Rose, Jill Lorenzini, Julie Newcombe, Sonoran Permaculture Guild team and guests

Workshop schedule: Saturdays 8am-12pm, subject to change with cooler weather.  Each workshop is $50 including native and heritage foods lunch (see registration form for specials and early-bird discount)

Also see Understanding PV (photovoltaics) with Ed Eaton, November 7-11 at Bean Tree Farm.

More info: or beantreefarm(at)

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Barbara Rose
Bean Tree Farm
Tucson, Arizona

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