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Hands-On/Workshops (Sonoran Permaculture Guild workshops – gray water use; rainwater harvesting; and more) (Watershed Management Group calendar of events & workshops – hands-on work with gray water systems, rainwater harvesting systems, earthworks, etc.) (Food Bank garden workshops – gray water use; self-watering containers; and more)

Websites for More Information (City of Tucson guidelines for grey water use) (City of Tucson info on rainwater harvesting)
Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona) (AZ DEQ brochure) (Comprehensive resource list–may be slightly outdated.) (Brad Lancaster’s website) (AZ Dept of Water Resources) (University of AZ Water Resources Research Center) (Calculate your total water footprint.)

Videos (Interview with Brad Lancaster) (Creating a Home Graywater System) (How to Implement a Greywater System for your Garden)


Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Vol 1 & 2 ,by Brad Lancaster (Can order from his website, listed above.)

Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use by Patricia H. Waterfall. Available for free download at or for purchase at

The Desert Smells Like Rain A Naturalist in O’odham Country by Gary Paul Nabhan. Available at and

Tucson Active Management Area Water Atlas –

The New Create an Oasis with Greywater: Choosing, Building and Using Greywater Systems – Includes Branched Drains by Art Ludwig. Available for purchase at

Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture by Toby Hemenway. Available for purchase at multiple online sites.

Water in the West: a High Country News reader; Miller, Char [Editors].. Available at the Pima County Public Library.


Tucson Water Zanjero Program – In-home water audit and recommendations…Call 791-3242 or look at website:

Water-harvesting Co-Op Program – Developed by Watershed Management Group to promote communities helping each other to design and install water-harvesting features:

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