Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival – Oct 21

at Reid Park in Tucson AZ, free and open to the public


A Community Event for a Bright Future

By Clinton MacKillop
September 26, 2012

Tucson, AZEnvision Tucson Sustainable and Sustainable Tucson announce the 2nd annual “Envision Tucson Sustainable” festival. The festival will take place at Reid Park on Sunday, October 21st, 2012, from 9am – 5pm. All ages are welcome.

Festival planners invite individuals and families to participate in a day of fun while exploring Tucson’s sustainable culture. The festival will promote the people, organizations, and companies in Tucson who provide services, education, and resources to help us achieve a sustainable future for our community.

The main focus of the festival this year is sustainable, secure food and agriculture for Tucson and Southern Arizona. This event will kick off a week of events in Tucson celebrating Food Day, a nationwide event promoting healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. Food vendors will feature locally sourced, organic refreshments. This year the Festival will also include a special feature: a “Non-GMO Food Zone.” In addition, in keeping with the theme, the festival will include practical information on aquaponics, an innovative, energy- and water-saving system of food production that fully integrates raising fish and growing vegetables, herbs, or other plants.

Throughout the festival, exhibits, demonstrations, and speakers will address many facets of a sustainable life, from energy and green business to health, from organic gardening to the homes we live in. The festival will be solar powered, thanks to the Solar Store, and there will be opportunities to learn about solar power for home or business.

A large family activity area will feature “Rexie,” the T-Rex Museum’s sustainability spokes-kid. Children will be able to hunt for and keep fossils from hundreds of millions of years ago.

The Festival is free and open to the public.

For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/EnvisionTucsonSustainable and click on events, or visit the festival website www.tucsonsustainable.org

For more information on Food Day events October 20-28, please visit www.tucsonfoodday.com

2 comments on “Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival – Oct 21

  1. Sam,
    Thanks for the welcome to participate in the Festival on Oct. 21. I will be there to set up and for the first shift for MILAGRO COHOUSING. I can be reached at the email above or at home 245-8475.

    We’ll take your advice and offer some enticement for the display, bringing our table and popup. See you on the 21st!

  2. Thanks to all our sponsors for the Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival

    The second annual Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival was held Sunday, October 21, in Reid Park. The festival planning team wishes to express deep appreciation to our sponsors, vendors, exhibitors, and speakers for their crucial role in making it a lively and informative event. Our thanks go to:

    Arbico Organics
    Avalon Organic Gardens
    Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona
    Community Gardens of Tucson
    Custom Solar and Leisure
    Dave Ewoldt
    FonduInc, LLC
    GMO Free Project of Tucson
    Green Living Magazine
    League of Women Voters
    Lilly’s Table & Tucson Food Day
    Local Roots Aquaponics
    Los Chicquilines
    Milagro Co-Housing
    Native Seeds/Search
    R’s Raw Kitchen
    ReZoNation Farm
    Shop Organic
    Southwest Bee Supply
    Sustainable Tucson
    Tasteful Kitchen
    The Arizona Green Plumbers
    The Solar Guild
    The Solar Store
    The T-Rex Museum
    The Zeitgeist Movement
    Tower Gardens
    Tucson Bus Riders Union
    Tucson Time Traders
    Tucson Tortolita EcoVillage
    Unique Creations by Mikall

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