Tucson AquaPonic Systems Tour

The Tucson AquaPonic Systems Tour (TAPST) is a self-guided tour of AP systems all around Tucson, organized and sponsored by Local Roots Aquaponics.

The TAPST is a self-guided tour of more than 10 aquaponic systems around Tucson. Come see the different ways your neighbors are growing plants and fish together. No gardening technique is more efficient and productive than aquaponics – come see what all the excitement is about!
This TAPST offers everything from barrel-ponics to larger systems, including our own production systems and school-based systems. Chat with the various hosts and you will learn what makes AP systems thrive.

A $5/person donation to Local Roots Aquaponics is suggested to help us cover the costs of each TAPST.  Your donations are very much appreciated and can be paid to hosts of any site on the tour.

Check out the map of all sites on the tour.



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