ST February Meeting – Tucson’s Economy – Feb 11

at Joel D. Valdez Main Library, 101 N. Stone, Downtown Tucson (in the large lower-level meeting room, free lower-level parking off Alameda St)

Local Economy • Financial and Monetary Innovation

Please join us for Sustainable Tucson‘s February Meeting where we’ll hear leaders and experts from Tucson and Phoenix, and engage everyone in discussion on the subject of sustainable local economy.

Our speakers will sketch the current economic condition of Tucson and the state of Arizona – prospects, challenges, and possible futures, and describe innovative approaches to exchange and finance that are emerging and could have a significant impact over the near term. We will look at the possibilities of public banking and alternative local currencies and exchange systems including community time banking, as well as innovative approaches to economic development for enterprises contributing to community resilience and sustainability – mutual credit clearing, micro-lending, and crowd-funding.

Tom GrecoBeyond Money – Tom, moderator of this evening’s program, is Tucson’s own world-renowned expert on innovative economic systems supporting community resilience and local economic independence.

Michael GuymonTucson Regional Economic Opportunities – Michael will speak on the state of Tucson’s economy. He is responsible for planning, developing and implementing the business development strategies of TREO to attract, retain and expand jobs and capital investment for the region.

Jim HannleyProgressive Democrats of America – Jim will describe ongoing efforts to institute Public Banking in Arizona. Also see the Public Banking Institute website.

C J CornellPropel Arizona – C J Cornell is Professor of Digital Media & Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University, and founder of Propel Arizona, a new platform for internet crowd-funding for local projects in Arizona.

Winona Smith & Chris VansproutsTucson Time Traders – Winona and Chris are coordinators for Tucson’s local timebank, and will talk about how community timebanking can be significant in the healing and prevention of economic troubles. Participating in Tucson Time Traders is something everyone can do right now to strengthen local community and economy!

There will also be a tour and demonstration of Tucson Time Traders‘ website on the big screen from 5:30 to 6:00 pm before the main meeting starts. Come early, and/or join us online at

Join us Monday, February 11th, 2013 at the Joel Valdez Library
in the large lower-level meeting room.

Doors open at 5:30 pm
The meeting will begin promptly at 6:00 pm
Free and open to the public

Also see Public Banking InstituteCenter for Advancement of Steady-State EconomySlow Money investing in local food • SeedSpotGangplanka message to President Obama from Edgar CahnST joins Timebank and past ST articles on Economy and Relocalization

Also see the comments on this article for audio recordings and followup notes & links…

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    Public Banking Resources

    • Web of Debt articles by Ellen Brown
    • Article on state banks
    • Public Banking Institute website
    • Report on an economic survey of small businesses in Washington state
    • Arizona’s proposed bill to establish a state bank

    Examining Alternative Economies and Currencies

    • “Thought Control in Economics”
    • “Neoclassical Economics and the Foreclosing of Dissent-The Inner Death of a Social Science”
    • “Hip Heterodoxy”
    • “The Wealth of Nature: A three-part series profiling ecological economists – Robert Costanza, Joshua Farley, and Herman Daly
    • CASSE – The Center for the Advancement of the Steady-State Economy
    • The Slow Money movement—Investing in food
    • Bitcoin and Disruptive Currencies
    • The De-growth movement
    • Online Local Exchange Systems, references

  2. Here are audio recordings of all the presentations and Q&A, and links to the PBS video & audio about Time Banking.  Click each link to listen or download.

    Introduction – Ron Proctor & Tom Greco – Sustainable Tucson – 7:06

    Tucson Overview – Michael Guymon – TREO – 20:31

    Public Banking – Jim Hannley – PDA – 17:45

    Crowd Funding – C J Cornell – Propel Arizona – 22:22

    Time Banking – Chris Vansprouts & Winona Smith – Tucson Time Traders – 13:51

        Time Banking Video (or mp3 audio only) – PBS Newshour (Nov 17, 2010) – 7:31

    Questions from the audience for the presenters – 24:13

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