LET’S TALK TRASH (Rescheduled)

From Garbage to Gold: Turning Organic “Waste” Into a Valuable Resource

Meeting at Joel D. Valdez Main Library, Lower Level Meeting Room, 101 N. Stone (free lower level parking off Alameda St.)

  • Compost is a good alternative to chemical fertilizers…It doesn’t pollute groundwater, wells, or waterways.
  • Compost keeps organic materials out of landfills, reducing methane gas emissions.
  • Compost sequesters carbon deep in the soil.
  • Compost promotes healthy microbial activity in the soil, providing micro-nutrients to plant roots and discouraging soil diseases.
  • Compost improves soil structure, thereby protecting topsoil from erosion.
  • Compost helps soil retain more rainwater.
  • Compost helps grow plants rich with nutrients that sustain good health.
  • Compost manufacturing supports green jobs.
  • Composting is easy and it’s satisfying.
  • Composting turns food scraps into new food!

Come to our next Sustainable Tucson general meeting on October 13, 2014 to learn more about composting from our four presenters:

CHET PHILLIPS, Project Director of the UA Compost Cats, will talk about their innovative student-run program, in which they collaborate with the City of Tucson, the Reid Park Zoo, and the San Xavier Co-op Farm to turn more than 1.5 million pounds of food waste into a valuable agricultural resource.  In 2013, Compost Cats received the Recycler of the Year Award from the Arizona Recycling Coalition.

EMILY ROCKEY, the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Fairfax Companies, which includes Tank’s Green Stuff, will tell us about their large-scale composting operations.  Tank’s Green Stuff rescues local plant material that would otherwise be considered “waste” and transforms it into something valuable: a rich, water saving, nutrient filled organic compost.

LINDA LEIGH, Co-owner with partner Doug Shepherd of Vermillion Wormery, will talk about the use of worms for composting, aka vermicomposting, to achieve their goal of zero organic waste.  They partner with restaurants and friends, taking kitchen scraps and feeding them to earthworms to produce a beautiful, full-of-life soil amendment called vermicast.

JOY HOLDREAD, Proprietor and resident of Joy’s Happy Garden, will be sharing with us her creative low-cost, low-water, low-labor composting strategies for sustainable desert living.  Her goal to encourage folks to compost, reduce waste, and conserve water locally is a great plan for a more sustainable Tucson.  Joy is a passive-aggressive desert gardener!

PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the number of presenters, we are starting earlier than usual this month.  Doors will open at 5:00 pm and the program will start promptly at 5:30 pm.

People’s Climate March – Tucson Solidarity Events

In September, world leaders are coming to New York City for a UN summit on the climate crisis. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is urging governments to support an ambitious global agreement to dramatically reduce global warming pollution.

On Saturday and Sunday, Sept 20 & 21, Tucsonans will join in workshops and a march in solidarity with climate marchers and those calling for a world with an economy that works for people and the planet; a world safe from the ravages of climate change; a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities.

Workshops, Saturday, September 20, 10am – 4pm
Sam Lena Library, 1607 S. 6th Ave

A full day of workshops and presentations ranging from community resiliency to electric vehicles to moving beyond protest, all with a focus on how global warming is related to the majority of the issues we care about, and how effective responses through all these issues will help mitigate global warming. The presentations run the gamut from a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen’s United, to switching to renewable energy and enabling local economies. Speakers are from national march co-sponsors and local organizations such as Sierra Club Rincon Group, 350.org, Occupy Tucson, Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor, Move to Amend, Tucson Bus Riders Union, and others. Special banner and sign-making workshop for the next day’s march will take place during the last workshop timeslot. Kids welcome!

March Begins
Sunday, September 21 9:00 am
Himmel Park Library  1035 North Treat Avenue

March to  Bookman’s Sports Exchange
3330 E. Speedway Blvd.
Tucson Plugs in 2014 Display

Bike Riders, Join Us!

Barrio Sustainability & Climate Justice Event

The public is invited to Barrio Sustainability & Climate Justice Event, sponsored by Tierra y Libertad Organization and Green For All Unite for Environmental Sustainability

In the spirit of environmental protection and curbing our dependence of fossil fuels, Tierra Y Libertad Organization (TYLO) has teamed up with national partner Green For All to host a barrio event engaging the Latino community and focused on green living, energy conservation, and positive community health. The public is invited.

Contact: Luis Perales, Organizer

Phone: (520) 440-9392 Cell

Where: Wakefield Middle School – 101 W. 44th St (6th Ave/44th St)