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Architecture and Sustainability in Tucson’s Built Environment

posted May 28, 2015

Our built environment — housing, public facilities, commercial buildings — is vital to sustainability in our cities and towns. But what goes into making that built environment sustainable? What makes a building “green”? How does a building qualify for LEED certification? And what does LEED certification mean? Beyond these technical questions, we want to examine […]

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Intro to Rammed Earth Building

posted May 14, 2015

Desert Sky Music, Art & Sustainability Festival In collaboration with Harmony & Health Foundation and Earth Prototypes offer a two day “Intro to Rammed Earth Building” workshop on both May 16 & 17 from 9am – 3pm. Building with Earth provides us with a deep connection to the land and is an abundant resource of […]

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The Economics of, and Threats to, Rooftop Solar

posted May 5, 2015

[You can see the presentations below. ] • Are new proposals to state regulators at the Arizona Corporation Commission by Tucson Electric Power and Trico making it more difficult and expensive for Tucsonans to “Go Solar”? • Are local solar jobs at stake? • What is the value of rooftop solar? • Are you concerned? […]

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