A more Peaceful and Sustainable Holiday Season

This month’s meeting is a Smörgåsbord of items to help us center ourselves and see a vision of a better and more sustainable future. And we have punch and cookies!

Time and Location:
Monday, December 14
Doors open at 5:30 pm. The meeting will begin promptly at 6:00 pm.
Joel D. Valdez Main Library, 101 N. Stone, Lower Level Meeting Room,
(Free lower level parking off Alameda St.)

Social movements have changed the world before
In keeping with our sustainability theme, the first part of our program will act as a follow-up to November’s film at the Loft, “This Changes Everything,” based on the book by Naomi Klein.

We will present clips of Naomi’s talk “Capitalism and the Climate” in Sidney, Australia two months ago. At the annual Festival of Dangerous Ideas, she addressed the immense human suffering happening in the world, including refugees of all kinds and victims of climate injustice. While taking on the biggest elephant in the room — the way we have built and run our economy, Naomi hold’s out hope for humanity because we have done it before.

She said, “Huge social movements have changed the world before through a magical combination of culture, theory, spirituality, policy, and law. We can do it again.

Dance – a foundation of Spirituality and Connectedness
Spirituality and connectedness is essential for creating a just and sustainable society. In the spirit of the holiday season, Sustainable Tucson brings the Dances of Universal Peace to our December meeting.

From the beginning of time, sacred movement, song and story have brought people together. The Dances of Universal Peace are part of this timeless tradition.

The Dances are simple, meditative, joyous, multi-cultural circle dances. They use sacred phrases, chants, music and movements from the many spiritual traditions of the earth to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and recognize it in others. The Dances of Universal Peace promote peace and integration within individuals, and understanding and connection within groups. There are no performers nor audience. The Dances of Universal Peace were created in the late 1960’s by Samuel L. Lewis (1896-1971), a Sufi teacher and Zen Master, who also studied deeply in the mystical traditions of Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity.

The Dances have now spread throughout the world, touching more than a half million people, with about 200 circles meeting weekly or monthly in North America alone. The Dances of Universal Peace are held in Tucson every second Saturday from 7 – 9pm at the Tucson Creative Dance Center.
And Last, but not Least… Punch and Cookes
The ST Core Team will provide punch and cookies for a social gathering at the end of the program. It will be a time to come together – just for the fun of it.

Please feel free to bring something to share.

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