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Climate Smart Southwest: Ready or Hot? – National climate change conference in Tucson – Sep 20-21

posted July 23, 2013

Free lecture Friday evening at the TEP Unisource Building, 88 East Broadway, Tucson AZ Saturday conference at the Tucson Convention Center (details below) Tucson will be hosting a climate change conference focused on public health and climate adaptation in September, sponsored by Physicians for Social Responsibility and 35 other local and national organizations. The following […]

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Building Sustainable Cities – New York Times Conference April 25

posted May 8, 2013

See the online video archive of the entire conference at ENERGY FOR TOMORROW – BUILDING SUSTAINABLE CITIES A NEW YORK TIMES CONFERENCE IN COLLABORATION WITH RICHARD ATTIAS AND ASSOCIATES APRIL 25, 2013 THE TIMESCENTER, NEW YORK CITY   THE CONCEPT According to U.N. data, the worldwide urban population over the next 40 years will […]

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Phoenix in the Climate Crosshairs

posted March 17, 2013

Phoenix in the Climate Crosshairs by William deBuys   If cities were stocks, you’d want to short Phoenix. Of course, it’s an easy city to pick on. The nation’s 13th largest metropolitan area (nudging out Detroit) crams 4.3 million people into a low bowl in a hot desert, where horrific heat waves and windstorms visit […]

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Edgar Cahn, TimeBanks USA – How President Obama Can Beat The Odds And Make Good On His Commitments

posted January 23, 2013

How President Obama Can Beat The Odds And Make Good On His Commitments from Edgar S. Cahn, CEO TimeBanks USA, Distinguished Professor of Law, UDC David A. Clarke School of Law In his Inaugural Address, President Obama made some commitments that seem to defy fiscal reality:   “A little girl born into the bleakest poverty […]

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Eco-Health Relationship Browser – EPA Sustainable and Healthy Communities

posted October 23, 2012

Eco-Health Relationship Browser EPA Sustainable and Healthy Communities (SHC) Research News Flash September 25, 2012 The EPA Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program is pleased to announce the launch of the Eco-Health Relationship Browser, an easy-to-use new online tool from the SHC program. The Eco-Health Relationship Browser illustrates the linkages between human health and ecosystem […]

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Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math – by Bill McKibben in Rolling Stone

posted July 21, 2012

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe – and that make clear who the real enemy is by Bill McKibben ( This story is from the August 2nd, 2012 issue of Rolling Stone. If the pictures of those towering wildfires in Colorado haven’t convinced you, or the […]

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NYT Publishes Private Industry Documents: “Shale Gas Called a Ponzi Scheme”

posted June 27, 2012

Documents: Industry Privately Skeptical of Shale Gas Over the past six months, The New York Times reviewed thousands of pages of documents related to shale gas, including hundreds of industry e-mails, internal agency documents and reports by analysts. A selection of these documents is included here; names and identifying information have been redacted to protect […]

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Overpeck lecture – audio recording online here

posted April 8, 2012

An audio recording of Dr. Jonathan Overpeck’s presentation at DuVal Auditorium in Tucson February 13th 2012 is now available here on the Sustainable Tucson website. To listen or download, please go to the first comment on ST February Meeting – Climate Change in Tucson and the Southwest – Dr Jonathan Overpeck.

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ST statement of support for Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Tucson

posted January 1, 2012

Sustainable Tucson’s statement of support for the Occupy Wall Street movement and Occupy Tucson The mission of Sustainable Tucson is to create a community-wide network of people and organizations facilitating and accelerating Tucson’s transition to sustainability through education and collaborative action. A sustainable community embodies social justice and economic justice as well as environmental justice. […]

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6 Burning Questions About the Violent Crackdowns on Occupations Around the Country

posted November 20, 2011

6 Burning Questions About the Violent Crackdowns on Occupations Around the Country By Lynn Parramore, AlterNet Posted on November 15, 2011 /6_burning_questions_about_the_violent_crackdowns_ on_occupations_around_the_country Occurring without provocation, the Occupy crackdown gives the appearance of an orchestrated effort to thwart an emerging protest movement. Early morning Tuesday, in New York City, hundreds of police officers, many in riot […]

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Sustainable Tucson comments on proposed Rosemont Mine

posted November 16, 2011

Sustainable Tucson comments on proposed Rosemont Mine Sustainable Tucson is a non-profit, grass-roots organization that builds regional resilience and sustainability through awareness raising, community engagement and public/private partnerships. We recognize the need to focus on sustainability within the Sonoran bioregion. The proposal by the Augusta Resources Corporation to develop a copper mine in the Santa […]

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Saying No to WalMart, A Town Builds its Own Store

posted November 13, 2011

Buying Underwear, Along With the Whole Store By AMY CORTESE   SARANAC LAKE, N.Y.   THE residents of Saranac Lake, a picturesque town in the Adirondacks, are a hardy lot — they have to be to withstand winter temperatures that can drop to 30 below zero. But since the local Ames department store went out […]

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The Dark Side of the ‘Green’ City

posted November 7, 2011

The Dark Side of the ‘Green’ City By Andrew Ross PHOENIX The struggle to slow global warming will be won or lost in cities, which emit 80 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases. So “greening” the city is all the rage now. But if policy makers end up focusing only on those who can afford […]

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Move Your Money: Campaign grows to divest from “Too Big to Fail” banks to local banks, credit unions

posted November 2, 2011

Published by Democracy Now! on Wed, 11/02/2011 Original article: move_your_money_campaign_grows_to by Amy Goodman As participants in the Occupy Wall Street movement continue protesting the record profits made by banks bailed out by taxpayer money, a group of grassroots activists are hitting America’s largest banks—including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo—where it hurts […]

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Sustainability Lessons for the United States

posted October 18, 2011

How Germany became Europe’s green leader: A look at four decades of sustainable policymaking by Ralph Buehler, Arne Jungjohann, Melissa Keeley, Michael Mehling In Brief Over the last 40 years, all levels of government in Germany have retooled policies to promote growth that is more environmentally sustainable. Germany’s experiences can provide useful lessons for the […]

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Occupy Wall Street & the Climate Movement

posted October 10, 2011

Subject: #OccupyWallStreet and the #Climate Movement From: organizers(at) Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2011 19:49:56 +0000 Dear friends, I’m writing from New York City, where the Occupy Wall Street movement is taking off. What started as a small group of young people with a vague call to action is evolving into something truly inspiring — and […]

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Greening the Desert (video)

posted July 11, 2008

“You can solve all your pollution problems and supply-line needs through a garden.” Permaculture turns Middle East salt flat into sustaining harvest. [Longer version: Making of interview before and after]

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Picture Southeast Arizona Full of Small Farms!

posted January 30, 2007

What’s So Beautiful About Small by Peter Rossett Are small farms as bountiful as they are beautiful? Can they really compete with large farms in the agriculture of the future? The answer is yes on both counts. Here’s why. . Small farms are far more productive, producing from 200 to 1,000 percent more per […]

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Places to Intervene in a System – Donella (Dana) H. Meadows

posted January 2, 2007

Dana Meadows was one of four post graduate students in Jay Forrester’s Systems Dynamics Program at MIT in the early 1970s who researched and wrote the widely read, paradigm shifting study sponsored by the Club of Rome titled, The Limits to Growth. The following essay is a helpful guide in how to plan for and […]

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Making Other Arrangements by James Howard Kunstler

posted December 26, 2006

This article by James Howard Kunstler appeared in the Jan/Feb issue of Orion Magazine; On the web at Making Other Arrangements James Howard Kunstler AS THE AMERICAN PUBLIC CONTINUES sleepwalking into a future of energy scarcity, climate change, and geopolitical turmoil, we have also continued dreaming. Our collective dream is one of those super-vivid […]

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