We can build a Sustainable Economy. Yes, we can!


Coal and Corn Ethanol Cause Accelerating Carbon Levels

Sustainable Tucson’s Statement of Support to the Tucson Mayor and Council for local economic stimulus plan – Feb. 10, 2009 Read Statement »

Iskashitaa Refugee Harvesting

What local experts are saying …

“…we’re witnessing the second great consumer debt crash, the end of a massive consumption binge.”

Vernon L. Smith, former University of Arizona economist and Nobel Laureate, April 6, 2009, Wall Street Journal. Read article here.

“…we’re in for months, perhaps even a year, of economic hell.”

Paul Krugman, Princeton economist and Nobel Laureate, December 23, 2008, AZ Daily Star Read article here.

“We need to anticipate, plan, and adapt”

Jonathon Overpeck , University of Arizona Climate scientist and Nobel Laureate, December 16, 2008, AZ Daily Star Read more about UA climate scientists predictions here.

“A world with increasing drought, floods, heat stress and pollution is taking shape before our eyes. Distorted and untruthful arguments do not provide a public service and hinder understanding of a complicated issue”

Julia Cole, University of Arizona Geosciences and Atmospheric scientist, December 17, 2008, AZ Daily Star

“…you have a sense of limits. That is a lesson my family taught me. Limits demand that humans work together.”

Mark Udall , Senator-elect of Colorado and son of Tucson favorite-son, the late U.S. House Rep. Mo Udall, December 21, 2008, AZ Daily Star

“The next President faces the most severe economic and energy crisis in the nation’s history. We have to develop a prosperous way down. Efficient use of energy and massive deployment of renewable energy are probably the best ways to do that. We need to electrify transportation.”

Randy Udall , Co-Founder, Association for the Study of Peak Oil–USA (ASPO-USA) and son of Tucson favorite-son, the late U.S. House Rep. Mo Udall, September 23, 2008, Global Public Media, Read more about ASPO-USA’s recent conference here.

“As we move forward, all water-management actions based on “normal” as defined by the 20th century will increasingly turn out to be bad bets.”

Bradley Udall , Environmental engineer and son of Tucson favorite-son, the late U.S. House Rep. Mo Udall, October 21, 2007, New York Times Magazine


Watch Van Jones talk about Green Jobs and Retrofitting America at GreenBuild 2008, click here.


Read about Green Redevelopment and Retrofitting Tucson: A strategy for economic revitalization click here.


Economic and environmental priorities for Obama: See NEWS on right column

End of Empire, Beginning of Struggle:Read The Tucson Weekly letter here.

In its “Obama Issue”, The Tucson Weekly publishes a letter by one of ST’s Core Team members.

Power of Poetry:Read The Tucson Weekly’s cover story here.

Two ST members, Madeline Kiser and Guy McPherson, are creatively working now with young people — who in some cases are already overwhelmed by today’s challenges.

Sustainable Tucson’s Core Team calls for community responses to the opportunities of sustainability and transitioning our economy towards sustainable products, services, and practices. Read more.

Sustainable Tucson’s Statement of Support to the Tucson Mayor and Council — October 14, 2008

Read statement here.

Welcome. This is the evolving website of Sustainable Tucson — an up-to-date center for all things sustainable in Tucson.

MUST READ ALERT! A new UK report on the implications of new climate science findings. Read here “Climate Safety: In case of emergency…”


“Water and Sustainability In a Time of Uncertainty: Lessons for Tucson”

was presented by Colette Altaffer, Neighborhood Infill Coalition to the Joint City/County Water Study Committee on October 22nd. It’s a very clear summary…..Read more.

“Tucson is ideal locale for a Green New Deal”

Another call for a sustainable economy by the City of Tucson’s Sustainability Administrator, David Schaller. Read it here.

Cities are Changing to Rail, Bikes and Walking.

ST distributes flyer on Questioning Growth Assumptions and calls for a Community Conversation on sustainability at the Tucson Growth Forum – Download Flyer here.


“Quest for sustainability opens up opportunities”

ST Core Team member Bob Cook’s Guest Opinion “Quest for sustainability opens up opportunities” is published by the Arizona Daily Star on March 5th. This editorial piece is related to the longer ST article above. Read the Guest Opinion.

Mayor Bob Walkup calls for Tucson–A Sustainable City

Building a sustainable economy was Mayor Walkup’s key theme in his inspiring 2008 State of the City speech. Asking probing questions on water, land-use, sustainable technology-driven economic development, he urged everyone to participate in moving our community forward. He said, “We need the business community to engage on environmental issues. Smart business owners are learning more about how climate change is affecting consumer attitudes, methods of production and the bottom line…..We need the environmental community to engage on economic issues. An environmental agenda that focuses on habitat restoration and open space protection is good. But transforming our local economy from one deeply dependent on land development to one focused on high-tech, clean industry is more sustainable. Read the speech.

Ciclovia: Bogota, Colombia

Every Sunday and holiday, every week, the City of Bogotá, Colombia closes down over 70 miles of roadways to cars and lets people bike, walk, talk, exercise, picnic, sunbathe. Just watch the video, it’s amazing.

Watch “The Story of Stuff”

The Story of Stuff is a wonderful online video about sustainable production and consumption, a culture of practices we don’t see very much of yet. In addition to the suggested “10 Little and Big Things You Can Do”, there is a pressing need for organized, coordinated action at the grassroots level. This is why Sustainable Tucson is so important. Watch “The Story of Stuff” on your own browser here.


The Drying of the West: Our Future?

UA climate scientist Jonathon Overpeck confirms previous studies that Arizona is ground zero for the most extreme warming and drying impacts in the U.S. Read article here. UA Regents Professor, Malcolm Hughes recently completed a new study that shows the last decade was the hottest in at least the past 1300 years.

Call for Federal Biofuels Moratorium

Environmental and social justice groups call for a Federal Moratorium on all incentives, subsidies, and renewable fuels targets for agrofuels (biofuels) in federal energy legislation until standards can be developed to ensure that plant-based fuels show significant environmental benefits over fossil fuels, and that they do not contribute to world hunger or human rights abuses. Watch the video here.

lowering-cistern.jpgQuote of the Year

“The longer you postpone the necessary, the more expensive becomes the inevitable.” said Chancellor Angela Merkel, the German head of state, regarding the need for decisive, cooperative actions to stabilize the climate. This quote represents the kind of leadership we …..Read more.

08/2008 – Solar training at Pima! Pima Community College is offering two classes this fall on basics of solar PV installations. Read more.

04/2008 – COMMUNITY ALERT! Opportunity to provide your input regarding the City-County water/wastewater future. Our views are being solicited by the City and County. Read more.

MUST READ ALERT! A new report written for community leaders and activists documents the Sustainability Emergency. Read and hear more about “Climate: Code Red”

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