There’s a world-wide movement, happening town by town, of citizens taking action to steer their communities toward sustainability.

In April 2009, Sustainable Tucson sponsored our first “Transition Town” training program.
Read about that training here.

Or better yet, review the resources below to learn more about the overall Transition movement as well as local, regional, and national initiatives.

1. Transition Town WIKI

2. Transition Intiiatives Primer introduction

3. Transition Initiatives Primer download

4. Transition United States

5. Transition Pima (our regional Transition hub)

6. The following is a good example of visioning the future by writing a scenario looking backward at how a community became sustainable. The following “backcast” or “reverse history” by Jason Bradford focuses on the food system where he lives: “Scenario 2020: the future of food in Mendocino County.”

View and read the presentation at these sites:

Watch the video of “Scenario 2020: the future of food in Mendocino County” here:

7. This is a short introduction to the “Transition Town” concept as a way of first organizing a community sustainability planning process: “10 First Steps for a Transition Town Initiative.” by Rob Hopkins

8. This is how the first Transition Town process began using “Open space” group discussion and visioning processes: “Designing Energy Descent Pathways: One community’s attempt at designing a prosperous way down from the peak.” by Rob Hopkins

9. This was the first plan resulting from Rob Hopkin’s Transition Town movement; Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan. Read about it here:

Download the Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan here:

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