Sustainable Tucson has engaged the community in developing a citizen-driven “Sustainability Plan” for Tucson.

This process has been underway since January 2009.


Community connection, reconnection, networking, awareness, belonging, and shared sense of urgency are the first priorities.

Working together as a community is a requirement for building resiliency and a sustainable future.

Other key priorities identified so far are that Tucson needs to:

  • Engage in an inclusive regional visioning process for our future urban form and public infrastructures.
  • Diversify and electrify our system of mobility and employ clean renewable energy, particularly solar. We need to reduce overall travel demand by forming urban village and neighborhood hubs connected by bike paths, sidewalks, and public transit.
  • Relocalize and re-skill our economy including an intensive “buy local” program sponsored by city/county/state tax dollars.
  • Prioritize green retro-fitting of housing and green redevelopment over new growth.
  • Cultivate a more self-reliant regional food system.
  • Take personal and community responsibility for making healthy choices.
  • Work cooperatively to educate and support effective use of rainwater and grey water –our only true sustainable water supply.
  • Develop operational definitions of sustainability for different areas
  • Map our community assets and resources
  • establish incentives for positive change.

2 comments on “Sustainability Plans

  1. This email is about going REALLY LOCAL.

    My only vehicle is a bike. I go everywhere I need to without a car. However, there are times I’d rather not bike 10 miles for goods, services, social events, and friends. One Sustainable Tucson goal, above, is to form “neighborhood hubs connected by bike paths, sidewalks, and public transit.” YES!!! But we need such connections WITHIN neighborhoods, to NEIGHBORHOOD DESTINATIONS, as well. And we need to begin to identify friends, businesses, etc. WITHIN those neighborhoods.

    I envision creating neighborhood maps / directories. I’d like to know how many others would be interested in 1) helping create them, or 2) buying them at cost and using them. I’d be willing to facilitate the work–an interested crew–to delineate neighborhoods, collect data on homes, studios, offices, food sources, etc. for the publications. We’ve had “green /alternative directories” in the past, but these would be multiple, separate publications on a neighborhood scale. I have a graphic design / writing background and would be able to act as a resource, perhaps tackling my own neighborhood as a sample.

    I would like to know how much interest there would be in this project. It might even be feasible to pass around a handful of clipboards to have people present at the meeting list themselves (and their gardens, massage rooms, etc.)for some initial data. The long-term goal would be to identify and encourage super-local sources for every need: even,ideally, to support the resurgence of the neighborhood grocery, hardware store, bookstore, cafe, etc.–and to offer successful models that might inspire other cities.

  2. I am so eager to partner with yourselves to start a local is delicious “local is Lekker” (from Dutch) campaign also. I am so inspiured by your. Lives in Tukson! I would live to order the “Transition” handbook and also 2-volumes, or even a photocopy of PDF version of Bill Mollison’s Permaculture handbook (unavalaible in South Africa). With Mandela imminent, there is an uneasy hiatus in South africa, and I fear backlash on migrant visitors as before when people live from a fear base. We are the Motherland of the Rainbow Nation transition so. We have such potential to sustain valuable initiatives in South Africa, and especially eco-village living! Even in the city. We have so much un-utilised space on top of the. Rooftops. Of the flatland that we could be creating important sites of greater self reliance. I. Send you love and gratitude today for your website that reached right into my creative vitality!

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