All the things we have are made with fossil fuels and usually made someplace else. We have a few days of food in our stores. Our water supply weighs 2 billion tons and is raised a half-mile from the Colorado River by a giant coal-fired power plant. We live at the bulls eye for heat waves and droughts due to climate change. Our houses and people are aging. We are training no one to do things that are useful here. And we have no way to fund the transformations ahead. We are – in a word – Helpless.

What’s the Opposite of Helpless? – A Resilient and Sustainable Local Community.

The Opposite of Helpless is also the focus of Sustainable Tucson’s 2017 General Meetings. We will be considering the What, Who, How Much, and Why? to act to make Tucson a resilient and sustainable community. The How? and How fast? are ongoing discussions for this year and far beyond.

Over the course of this year, Sustainable Tucson will hold a series of public meetings that examine what options we have to make Tucson more resilient and sustainable, and what it will take to scale these ideas to all of Tucson. The topics have been chosen because traditional, narrow approaches won’t solve the challenges ahead. These topic groupings offer new approaches for innovation.

We need your help to make this happen. Over 400 people open this newsletter, every month. If you, and a handful of other ST Partners volunteer, we can organize any of these meetings. Without your help, we can do nothing.

If we get enough support, the General Meeting topic areas for 2017 will be:

  • Transportation, relocalization, and place-making
  • Prioritizing local water for food and environment
  • Resilience – the power of working together
  • Aging in-place and in-community
  • “World-Class in our Own Back Yard” – Innovation and making stuff
  • Politics and the Learning-community
  • Energy – What we need for Everything
  • Living with Nature
  • Financing sustainability

Let us know which topics are most important to you, whether you want to help organize one of these meetings, and any other ways you can help.

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