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  1. My wife and I will be traveling in AZ Feb. 21-Mar.11, and will be in Tucson Feb. 21-23. We co-founded Citizens for Sustainability in 2013 in St. Anthony Village, MN, and now focus on our Sustainability Education Forum, which produces a newsletter and sponsors educational forums on 6 Saturday afternoon annually. If there are any sustainability events occurring during our visit, we’d be interested in learning about them. Thanks!

  2. Hi Sustainable Tucson!

    Thanks for all the excellent work you continue to do for our community.

    Would you please REMOVE the “Tucson Green Times” listing from the calendar section of your website? I haven’t published that newspaper since 2012, and a Chinese firm has now picked up that domain name, so the link you have in the listing goes to some copycat Chinese version of the original newspaper. Misleading for you to have this as a link, to say the least. I’m thinking about putting the archives of the “real” paper online sometime in the future, and when I do, I’ll let you know.

    ‘Twould be nice if you reply or respond and let me know you received my request.


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