Our main mission is encouraging every citizen to get active, and promote sustainability in whatever area you’re most passionate about!

  • Find the Topic(s) you’re most passionate about… and there are indeed other people, organizations, projects or initiatives that you can connect with to get active.
    Or you can start your own initiative.
    Get started by browsing the “Topics of Focus” in our navigation, to get an idea of what’s underway that you can join with, or be inspired by.

  • Connect with others with similar passions and concerns at Sustainable Tucson General Meetings .
    (The second Tuesday of every month. Find the next one on our homepage)

  • Check out other meetings and events that members of the Sustainable Tucson community are organizing.

  • Find local organizations that fit your interests and passions!

  • Start your own project — If you are concerned about an issue that needs community pressure, but can’t find a group that’s addressing it… let us know. We may be able to help you network with others at our General Meetings to start addressing it.

3 comments on “Get Involved / Take Action

  1. I am thinking of getting involve in your organization. But I need more information about getting involve in non-chalant way. I would need more information on the protocols. Thank you. Celeste.

  2. Hello! I’m so happy about your job in the Community and being pro sustainability. I love that and I would like to participate in your activities.

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