We in Tucson face an unprecedented sustainability crisis including economic meltdown, climate change, resource depletion, and unraveling of the social fabric.

Every level of our community — household, neighborhood, small business, education, social service agencies, government, non-profits, and industry — are vital in the effort to mitigate and adapt to these inter-related crises.

The following, developed from ST’s Planning Initiative, is a list of actions everyone can begin to do to ensure community resiliency and sustainability.


Buy local natural foods.
Eat at restaurants that serve local natural foods.
Cultivate a backyard kitchen garden.
Make nutrient-rich soil by composting waste.
Cook with solar ovens.


Harvest rainwater.
Irrigate landscape with greywater.
Use native landscape plants.
Use low-flow toilet.
Use front loading washing machine.
Use low-flow faucets and shower heads.


Share rides with others.
Use public transit.
Walk more.
Bicycle more.
Use electric cars, scooters, and bicycles.
Use bio-diesel made from local feedstock.
Lobby for expanded sidewalks, bike paths, and transit.


Add wall and roof insulation.
Upgrade to insulated windows and doors.
Caulk air leaks.
Use high efficiency air conditioning or coolers.
Install solar-electric panels.

Paint  roof with white coating.

Install solar hot-water system.

Use natural lighting and energy-efficient bulbs.
Shade buildings with trees and shrubs.
Use local materials.
Recycle solid waste material locally for future uses.
Dry clothes in sun.


Talk with your neighbors.
Teach children.
Listen to others.
Join groups doing sustainability work.
Help people who need help.
Introduce sustainability into your work and social groups.
Share work projects with others.
Buy Locally. Employ locally.
Spend leisure time in Tucson.
Celebrate community.

3 comments on “Sustainability Actions Everyone Can Do

  1. Is it currently legal to install an underground water cachement system, on residential property in Tuscon? It would drain from home/garage roof.
    Will be moving to area & want to be “off the grid” as much as possible….
    PS- follow all comments,blogs, good to see this direction…..

  2. I would like to see you add “paint your roof white” under Buildings. Particularly in the city, this could greatly reduce the heat island effect.

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