“We believe that the path to sustainability can only be achieved by involving the full community in visioning and actions that preserve or enhance our quality of life while reducing our consumption of energy and other resources.”


Sustainable Tucson is a non-profit, grass-roots organization that builds regional resilience and sustainability through awareness raising, community engagement and public/private partnerships. Our members focus their action, advocacy and research through working groups addressing the unprecedented challenges of our time, economic meltdown, population pressures, climate change, and resource depletion.



The Mission of Sustainable Tucson is to create a community-wide network of people and organizations facilitating and accelerating Tucson’s transition to sustainability through education and collaborative action.



Our vision is for a community that survives long into the future, having re-established civil society, achieved ecological balance, economic fairness, and social justice.  People acknowledge and live in accordance with their interconnectedness with the web-of-life.

  • Food is safe, healthy and regionally produced.
  • People can safely walk, ride bikes, take public transportation.
  • Relationships are more important than stuff.
  • Neighbors know and support each other.
  • People feel empowered to use their energies and talents to make their community more resilient.
  • Education, healthcare, and meaningful work is available to every person.
  • Resources are equitably enjoyed through out the entire population.
  • Energy is sustainably created and used.
  • The community actively participates in all decisions related to the region.
  • Public policies are based on a sustainable vision for the region.
  • Everyone engages in peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Difficult issues can be addressed openly.
  • Decisions are made based on objective research.
  • Life-affirming cultural and spiritual practices are honored.
  • All people are respected, treated equitably, and protected from exploitation.
  • A regional plan is in place that assures water sustainability for future generations and the environment through rain water harvesting and conservation.

Sustainable Tucson Activities

  • 3rd Annual “Green Festival.”
  • “Heath Effects of Climate Change” Workshop.
  • Transition Town Training Workshop
  • Monthly Meetings for awareness-raising.
  • World Water Lecture Forum
  • Ongoing citizen-based planning and forums.
  • First phase of community sustainability planning completed in April is an outline for a fuller planning effort that will result in a more substantive plan within a year’s time frame.
  • Supporting a comprehensive, regional visioning process that recaptures the energy of previous planning efforts and reframes and re-contexturalizes it to meet the current understanding of climate and resource issues.

We in Tucson face an emerging, unprecedented global sustainability crisis including economic meltdown, climate change, resource depletion, and unraveling of the social fabric. Every level of our community is important in the effort to mitigate and adapt to these inter-related crises  –  household, neighborhood, small business, education, social service agencies, government, non-profits, and industry. Developed from ST’s current planning initiative, the following is a list of actions everyone can begin to do to build community resiliency and ensure sustainability.

From the beginning, Sustainable Tucson has represented:

» An emerging network of networks — to facilitate and accelerate Tucson’s transition to sustainability through community-wide education and action.

» A community resource that connects everyone to Tucson’s sustainable assets, resources and best practices.

» An all-volunteer initiative relying on the efforts of many people.

» You! People network at our general meetings, and meet with other members who share similar interests and group-initiated projects.

  • Organizational Team and other info – Find out who’s working on Sustainable Tucson’s organizatinal structure, and who’s working closely with us toward furthering sustainability in our community.
  • ST’s history – Sustainable Tucson’s early formation.
  • Contact Us – If you would like to get involved, make suggestions, or contribute in any
    way, or if you have any questions.
  • Make a Donation


Some Sustainability Actions We Advocate

Buy local natural foods.
Eat at restaurants that serve local natural foods.
Cultivate a backyard kitchen garden.
Make nutrient-rich soil by composting waste.
Cook with solar ovens.

Harvest rainwater.
Irrigate landscape with greywater.
Use native landscape plants.
Use low-flow toilet.
Use front-loading washing machine.
Use low-flow faucets and shower heads.

Share rides with others.
Use public transit.
Walk more.
Bicycle more.
Use electric cars, scooters, and bicycles.
Use bio-diesel made from local feedstock.
Lobby for expanded sidewalks, bike paths, and transit.


Add wall and roof insulation.
Upgrade to insulated windows and doors.
Caulk air leaks.
Use high efficiency air conditioning or coolers.
Install solar-electric panels.
Install solar hot-water system.
Use natural lighting and energy-efficient bulbs.
Shade buildings with trees and shrubs.
Use local materials.
Recycle solid waste material locally for future uses.
Dry clothes in sun.

Raise awareness of sustainability challenges and opportunities.
Talk with your neighbors.
Teach children.
Listen to others.
Join groups doing sustainability work.
Help people who need help.
Introduce sustainability into your work and social groups.
Share work projects with others.
Buy Locally. Employ locally.
Spend leisure time in Tucson.
Celebrate community.

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  1. Hi, I have been living in Tucson since 1996 and am in love with the Sonoran Desert. Currently I am travelling throughout Central America and am getting some great ideas for building sustainably. I hope to return to Tucson in March ´13 and find like-minded individuals to start a project somewhere in the environs of Tucson. I appreciate what you are doing and hope to work together in the future. Luis

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